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Ad Astra Collective has created a unique investment vehicle that provides investors with the opportunity to purchase shares in the Ad Astra Collective, LLC. The Collective has been formed to apply its team’s longstanding expertise and track record to develop Internationally competitive FEI horses. The Collective achieves this by acquiring and training exceptionally able, talented and willing horses while providing a substantial tax advantage to its investors and offering individual investors the opportunity to own their dream horse. The Collective's team acquires  International quality horses though a highly selective acquisition process and will either be sold at different stages of their development or trained to become top International competitors with the goal of representing the US in future Olympics and World Championships.  












The team has the expertise and long-standing relationships in the U.S. and Europe to select top horses for acquisition and training, while providing the best care and support at their high-performance facility Ad Astra Stables in Encinitas, California, only a few miles from the beach. Two experienced and widely recognized trainers will be working as a team with three other experts, one an Olympic rider and world-renown top coach, the other a top trainer and salesman of International horses, and the third a widely recognized National USEF Sport Horse and Dressage Judge. This team is highly qualified to create a pipeline for the continuous development of exceptional competition horses.



The Collective’s pipeline of acquired horses will be supplemented through the acquisition of foals, training and selling horses to support the top athletes within the Collective and to continuously produce more top-quality horses. Horses that do not “make the cut” will be sold at the recommendation of the team and are expected to still produce a reasonable return on investment for the group.

The Glory of owning an Olympic Star

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