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Jagger was the first acquisition of the Ad Astra Collective, acquired in June 2018 in Holland. Jagger has surpassed Rebecca's and David's expectations already during his first year in training. Jagger serves as "Living Proof" for the

viability of the Collective's concept. The team applies its extensive equine experience combing it with innovative business strategies to develop "Olympic Champions."

 Young Horse Qualifier 2018

After only being with Rebecca in the US for 8 weeks Jagger won the
FEI Four Year old class
out of 10 horses with an outstanding score
of 82.60 at Flintridge.

United States 

Four Year Old


After two more qualifiers he ended the qualifying season with an average percentage of 82.30 going into National Young Horse Championship.


Showing Season


In August 2018, he was Reserve Champion of

the Four Year old division for the United States with a score of 84.40.

United States Dressage Federation

In November 2018 Jagger 

was awarded the honor of 

Reserve Champion in the Four Year Old Division

by the United States Dressage Federation.



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Rebecca matched me with an 8-year old  three years ago and has developed the horse and myself

into an Olympic competitor. Nobody could have done this, but you. Thank you Rebecca.

Nancy Poertner

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