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The Ad Astra Collective has gathered a passionate team of equine experts, managers and consultants to advance the Collectives's unique business model. The Collective has been formed to apply its team’s longstanding equine expertise and track record to develop Internationally competitive FEI horses through acquiring and training exceptionally able, talented and willing horses. The unique business structure of the LLC provides a unique investment opportunity, combining capital investment and potential return on investment with a significant tax advantage for investors who are investing into the development of the next Olympic Champion by the Ad Astra Collective.

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Rebecca Rigdon-Blake

Rebecca Rigdon Blake is the Managing Member of the

"Ad Astra Collective" LLC and is a resident trainer together with her husband at Ad Astra Stables in Encinitas, California. She has bred, raised and trained seven horses to Grand Prix; as well as several others to Grand Prix beginning with three to four-year olds. She was in the top 10 breeders of Dressage horses within the United States Dressage Federation for 5 years. Rebecca studied Creative Writing/English Literature/Philosophy at the University of Kansas.

Rainer Poertner
Business Consultant

Mr. Poertner is a financial analyst serving on the advisory board of several publicly traded US companies. He has a longstanding record of founding and consulting with private and publicly traded companies in Europe and the US, providing advise in business development and financial structuring . Mr. Poertner studied sociology, economy and psychology at the University of Frankfurt and received a degree in economics from the Klinger Business School in Frankfurt in 1973. 

David Blake

David is a majority member of the Ad Astra Collective and trains his clients at Ad Astra Sables together with his wife Rebecca Rigdon Blake. He started riding when he was four years old in Paris, France, and has won a USDF Bronze Medal, USDF Silver Medal in 1998 and the Gold Medal in 2003.  David has been training with some of the greatest in the Dressage business; Jan Ebeling, Janet Brown, Michael Poulin, Axel Steiner, Harry Bolt, Christine Traurig and Stephen and Shannon Peters. David is currently working and training with Guenter Seidel, a long time mentor and highly respected Olympian. 

Leiman & Associates
Tax Preparation

Founded in 1981 by Neil Leiman, Leiman & Associates has been part of the San Diego community, serving residents from all over the county. We pride ourselves in staying well versed with all the updated tax regulations and tax laws.  Serving thousands of loyal clients, Leiman & Associates thrives only on positive client referrals and has successfully grown every year since it was founded.  We offer you sound tax advice whether it be an individual return, small business tax advice, or incorporation services all year round

Association Memberships

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